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api 620 tank manufacturers fabrication, openings, and inspection

api 620 tank manufacturers fabrication, openings, and inspection

api 620 tank manufacturers fabrication, openings, and inspection

The company adopts the api 620 tank manufacturers international advanced management system, and has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB / T28001-2001 occupational health and safety api 620 tank manufacturers management system, and has realized the comprehensive integration of the three systems.

API 650 internal floating roof oil tank is a volatile liquid storage tank with a combination of a dome tank and an internal floating roof structure, which is a floating roof assembled under the dome of the api 620 tank manufacturers storage tank. The combination of the vault roof outside the API 650 storage tank and the floating roof inside the tank has been widely used in gasoline, aviation kerosene and more volatile chemical liquids.

Design of Compression-ring Regions
In this project, a cylindrical tank 30 ft in diameter is designed for an internal pressure of 5 lbf/in.2 gauge in the vapor space. The plate material is ASTM A131 Grade A steel for thicknesses of 1/2 in. and less. The top course of the butt- welded cylindrical sidewall is 1/4 in. thick, including a 1/16 in. corrosion allowance. The tank api 620 tank manufacturers roof is a butt-welded spherical dome with an internal radius of 30 ft and a thickness of 1/4 in., including a 1/16 in. corrosion allowance. The maximum design liquid level is 6 in. below the plane of the juncture of the roof and sidewall.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality services, high-precision products and efficient solutions. If you have any demand for api 620 tank manufacturers steel plate, steel pipe and other products, please contact us directly. We are willing to provide you with relevant product knowledge and specific specifications for free. Welcome to purchase.

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