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API 650 alloy steel storage tank data on nameplate

API 650 alloy steel storage tank data on nameplate

API 650 alloy steel storage tank data on nameplate

The advantages of API 650 floating roof tanks have obvious environmental and economic benefits: in a specific climate environment, according to historical data, the economic value of the API 650 alloy steel storage tank floating roof tanks in API 650 due to the reduction of oil and gas volatilization within 3-6 months is equivalent The installation and purchase cost of the API 650 alloy steel storage tank inner floating roof means that the cost of the inner floating roof can be recovered within half a year.

Integrity based:To customers, we should value our credit and keep our good image forever.To colleagues: respect each other, trust each other, make efforts togetherService first:Customer satisfaction is always the first pursuit.The company provides customers with not only advanced technology and high-quality API 650 alloy steel storage tank products, but also the spirit of credit and service.Innovation:We are good at learning, drawing on the strengths of all, innovating and developing, introducing, researching and developing the latest technology, and making our products have a stronger vitality.

API 650 alloy steel storage tank Nondestructive testing is a technical means to detect the weld defects of large vertical tank and judge whether the weld is qualified by using the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism and electricity without damaging the tested object. Common nondestructive testing methods: ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT) and X-ray testing (RT).

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