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API 650 welded steel storage tanks supply

API 650 welded steel storage tanks supply

API 650 welded steel storage tanks supply

The foundation design of the bolted & welded steel storage tanks should meet the requirements of foundation stability and deformation, that is, the bolted & welded steel storage tanks foundation should not be crushed and the uneven settlement value of the foundation should be within the allowable range. The uneven settlement of the storage tank foundation should be specified in the design process of the safe allowable range, because excessive uneven settlement will reduce the safety of the bolted & welded steel storage tanks and cause distortion and deformation of the tank wall and bottom plate.

The shipping department of the company arranges shipping booking for customers' goods in advance, and makes good matching with inland transportation. Effectively manage and follow up the customer's shipping schedule and give feedback to customers in time. At the same time, the shipping department has a keen insight into the shipping market in different periods to reduce the transportation cost for the company and customers.

Temperature Range: The provisions in this appendix are considered suitable for bolted & welded steel storage tanks design metal temperatures from + 40°F to –60°F, inclusive. In general, refrigerated tank primary components include those components whose failure would result in leakage of the liquid being stored, those exposed to the refrigerated temperature, and those subject to thermal shock. Further definitions of such components are provided in API Standard 620 tank R.1.4.2 and R.1.4.3.

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