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API Standard 620 storage tank inspection reinforcement around openings,

API Standard 620 storage tank inspection reinforcement around openings,

API Standard 620 storage tank inspection reinforcement around openings,

Generally, external environment corrosion should be considered before design and construction of API Standard 620 storage tank inspection and so on storage tanks. The corrosion on the outer surface of storage tank is often worse than that on the inner surface. Especially in the chemical industry area, there are often acid fog, alkali or salt dust in the atmosphere. These impurities form an active corrosive medium with dew or steam and oxygen in the atmosphere. The corrosion of the external environment of the storage tank shortens the maintenance period of the storage tank, even causes the storage tank to be scrapped in advance, which affects the normal operation of the storage and transportation.

The horizontal projection of the roof plate within the compression-ring region is 4.9 x 0.866 = 4.25 in., which fulfills the requirement of API 620 tank standard The required area and horizontal projection can be provided by any of the standard angles listed in Table F-3.
Any of these angles may be used in accordance with the details of Figure 5-6, detail a or b, but if details c, h, or i in Figure 5-6 were intended, the net area of the angle must be calculated by deducting the area expected to be lost by corrosion from that part of the angle surface that is exposed to the interior of the tank.

This standard establishes minimum requirements for API 650 tank material, API Standard 620 storage tank inspection design, fabrication, erection, and inspection for ertical. aboveground´╝îclosed- and open-top.

In December of 2015, our regular India customer sent us an inquiry for API Standard 620 storage tank inspection pipe. The inquiry requires no negative tolerance in both pipes’ outer diameter and pipe wall. After two weeks’ discussion, he put the order of 275 tons to us. The pipes are finished within just one month. Our customer come to our factory to inspect the quality and tolerance, all the products are well meet his demand. The pipes are arriving to Nhava Sheva port, customer is very happy with our products and service during the process.

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