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API620 steel storage tank first quality roof plate

API620 steel storage tank first quality roof plate

API620 steel storage tank first quality roof plate

Shell Stiffening Rings for Tanks That Contain Liquid
Internal or external shell stiffening rings may be required to maintain roundness when the tank is subjected to wind, vacuum, or other specified loads. When API620 steel storage tank first quality stiffening rings are required, the stiffener-to-shell weld details shall be in accordance with Figure Q-1 and Q.3.5.2 through Q.3.5.5.
Three-plate laps or butt-weld junctions in tank bottoms shall be not closer than 12 in. from each other or from the butt-welds of the annular plates.
Bottom plates, other than annular bottom plates for a 9% or 5% nickel steel or stainless steel tank that contains liquid, may have a minimum thickness of 3/16 in. exclusive of any specified corrosion allowance.

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Proper use of API620 steel storage tank first quality and precautions:
1. The API620 steel storage tank first quality must be used within the safe height range;
2. Check before use to ensure that the safety valve and breathing valve are flexible and easy to use;
3. The explosion-proof and fire-proof safety measures for oil tanks are implemented effectively;
4. The oil level in the API620 steel storage tank first quality should be accurately measured when receiving and delivering oil, so as to prevent overflow or empty;
5. In the process of receiving and sending oil, the flow rate of oil should be controlled, and it should not be too fast to avoid electrostatic accidents.

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