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API650 petroleum and crude oil tanks thickness of shell plates

API650 petroleum and crude oil tanks thickness of shell plates

API650 petroleum and crude oil tanks thickness of shell plates

Preheat Treatment
Many laboratory tests have shown preheat treatment of carbon steel to 300°F-400°F to be the equivalent of the post-heat treatment at no less than 1100°F insofar as the physical properties of the weldment are concerned.40,41 Some tests have indicated a slight advantage of the post-heat treatment. Most of the tests have been made on plates 3/4 in. - 1 in. thick; results must be viewed with caution if preheating is applied appreciably beyond this thickness range. However, for all practical purposes, improvement resulting from preheating is sufficiently well established so that preheat should be considered for field fabrication of API 620 crude oil tank plates over 3/4-in. thick whenever toughness of the tank API650 petroleum and crude oil tanks is highly desired and the thermal post-heat treatment is impractical.

For the team, cooperation is the core idea of daily work, and the core of common cooperation is resource sharing. With a perfect resource sharing mechanism, the whole team can be called a unity spirit.A good team lies in the ability to transfer resources, knowledge and information in time among team members in order to achieve the common goals of the team. So that we can share experiences and lessons."

The main competitive means adopted by major domestic ports are to expand ports, build deep-water berths and channels, improve service quality to reduce the comprehensive cost of customers, and at the same time, to improve competitive advantage, we should also take appropriate measures to reduce relevant costs and prices.

API650 petroleum and crude oil tanks Nondestructive testing is a technical means to detect the weld defects of large vertical tank and judge whether the weld is qualified by using the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism and electricity without damaging the tested object. Common nondestructive testing methods: ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT) and X-ray testing (RT).

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