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butt-welded-spherical-dome tank wind girders

butt-welded-spherical-dome tank wind girders

butt-welded-spherical-dome tank wind girders

No matter what type of storage tank needs to be built, the natural conditions of the geographical area where the tank is located should be fully considered in the design. Because natural conditions will affect the service life, storage safety and construction cost of storage tanks such as butt-welded-spherical-dome tank. Generally, the natural conditions that need to be considered before butt-welded-spherical-dome tank design and construction are: regional temperature, wind load, snow load, ground endurance, external environment corrosion, etc.

Group consciousness is an important psychological factor for the formation of enterprise internal cohesion. The formation of butt-welded-spherical-dome tank enterprise group consciousness makes every employee of the enterprise regard their work and behavior as an integral part of the realization of enterprise goals, make them feel proud of themselves as a member of the enterprise, have a sense of honor for the achievements of the enterprise, and thus regard the butt-welded-spherical-dome tank enterprise as the community and belonging of their own interests.

The impression of most customers who have cooperated with us on the company is being professional and responsible. That mainly owe to our united and considerate team members. For example, the professional technician, the responsible QC inspector, the experienced sales person, the rigorous document maker, the patient after-sales, etc. Their selfless devotion bring the customer good experience, and bring the company good reputation.

Stamping of API 620 Storage Tank PlatesBefore plates required to be stamped by the steel mill are used, the inspector shall see that they bear the stamp. In laying out and cutting the butt-welded-spherical-dome tank plates, at least one set of the original material identification markings should, if possible, be left where it will be plainly visible when the tank is completed. Should the identifying marks be obliterateSpot radiographic or ultrasonic examination shall be not less than 6 in. extending along the weld. Spot radiography shall comply with the standards given in Where spot radiographic or ultrasonic examination is applied at joint intersections, the surface shall be prepared and examined for a distance of 3 in. on each side of the intersection, making the minimum length of examination 6 in. on the horizontal weld and 3 in. on the vertical weld.

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