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crude oil storage tank construction recoil reel

crude oil storage tank construction recoil reel

crude oil storage tank construction recoil reel

crude oil storage tank construction Visual InspectionUpon completion of all the foregoing tests, the pressure in the tank shall be released and a thorough visual inspection shall be made of both the inside and outside of the tank, giving particular attention to all internal ties, braces, trusses, and their attachments to the walls of the tank. Anchors shall be checked for snug tightness and adjusted if required. Anchor threads shall be fouled by peening or tack welding to prevent loosening. In lieu of thread fouling, double nuts may be used.Rate of Water Filling and Water TemperatureThe rate at which water is introduced into a tank for a hydrostatic test shall not exceed 3 ft of depth per hour. The foundation, venting equipment, or other conditions may limit the water filling to a lower rate. Pressure shall not be applied above the surface of the water before the tank and its contents are at about the same temperature.

Our company is a specialized technical support and after-sales service organization - customer service center. At the same time, we have provided excellent technical crude oil storage tank construction personnel and strong technical support for our company, and cultivated an excellent after-sales team for our company. Our company will appoint a full-time service manager to be responsible for the unified coordination of technical support and crude oil storage tank construction after-sales service of the project.

When API 650 storage tank is designed, when the design pressure is small F2 kPa, the impact of air pressure on the crude oil storage tank construction tank wall thickness is not considered in the tank wall design.

"Efficiency is benefit, time is money", the company is equipped with a high standard logistics team. After the products pass the factory inspection, they will coordinate the shipment as soon as possible according to customer requirements and schedules to hand over the booked steel materials to customers at the first time, to ensure no delay of customer's project progress, to strive for more project preparation time for customers.

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