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fixing roof oil storage tank bottom knuckle regions

fixing roof oil storage tank bottom knuckle regions

fixing roof oil storage tank bottom knuckle regions

SA662 Gr C steel is a kind of carbon manganese silicon steel plate of ASME standard. SA662 Gr C steel plate is mainly used to manufacture low temperature welded pressure vessels, which has high requirements for low temperature notch toughness. fixing roof oil storage tank, SA662 Gr C steel plate is used to manufacture welded pressure vessels used at - 40℃. SA662 Gr C steel shall be killed steel and shall meet the requirement of A20 / A20M standard of fine austenite grain size.

Structural shapes of 9% and 5% nickel steel may be furnished to the chemical and physical requirements of ASTM A353, A553, or A645. Physical tests shall be in accordance with the requirements of ASTM A6.
fixing roof oil storage tank used Piping, Tubing, and Forgings
Material used for piping, tubing, and forgings shall be compatible in welding strength, and thermal expansion coefficient with the tank shell material. In addition to the specific requirements of this appendix, all piping within the limitations of 1.3.2 shall fulfill the minimum requirements of ASME B31.3.

The inner layer of API 650 tank is the same as that of single layer tank. It is made of high-quality steel plate in strict accordance with the standard of "steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel". The thickness of fixing roof oil storage tank steel plate reaches the standard and the service life is longer.

The company has sufficient stocks and complete specifications. The common carbon steel plates, marine plates, fixing roof oil storage tank and storage tank steel plates sold are all produced by large state-owned steel companies such as Shougang, Hegang, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, with quality assurance and worry-free after-sales. The company develops and grows under the concept of seeking innovation in stability and advancing with the times for development. After a short period of development, it has begun to take shape.

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