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Fuel oil steel API620 tanks governing combination of gas pressure

Fuel oil steel API620 tanks governing combination of gas pressure

Fuel oil steel API620 tanks governing combination of gas pressure

Selection of nominal diameter D of API 650 storage tank. In the design calculation of API 650 storage tank, the bottom plate thickness is the net plate thickness, that is, the actual thickness minus the corrosion allowance. In the design and calculation of Fuel oil steel API620 tanks wall thickness in hydrostatic test, the thickness of bottom plate is the total thickness of steel plate.

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Storage tank is used to store all kinds of liquid, solid and gas materials. The common types of storage tank are oil tank, water storage tank, chemical tank, cement tank, Fuel oil steel API620 tanks, etc. When choosing the storage tank, users should choose according to their actual needs, such as the material, pressure, form, capacity, temperature, density, etc. In addition, the environmental factors such as the temperature of the tank construction area, the ground endurance of the foundation, and the wind force should be considered.

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