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GB 50128 steel tank top wind girder

GB 50128 steel tank top wind girder

GB 50128 steel tank top wind girder

When encountering heavy rain or continuous heavy rainfall, the safe operation of GB 50128 steel tank will be affected. For example: the GB 50128 steel tank is submerged, the oil unloading valve and the flame arrester valve are broken by water and the oil tank leaks. The oil tank area must do emergency work to prevent rainstorm to ensure the safety of the oil tank. Here are some safety protection measures for GB 50128 steel tank in heavy rain.

All edges of the inner wall of the API 650 petroleum storage tank to be lined or coated must be rounded and flat to a minimum radius of 3mm. The GB 50128 steel tank internal welding seam must be completely sealed welding, with a smooth surface and no air holes, air pockets and local protrusions. Remove welding spatter. As specified in API 650 petroleum storage tank design drawings, the seller must perform additional surface treatment.

Corporate mission: to provide high quality steel products GB 50128 steel tank and services to global customers.Strategic goal: to be the leading steel materials supplier in the world.Enterprise core values: people-oriented, customer first, quality oriented, comprehensive and open, continuous innovation.Customer first is to always put the satisfaction of customer needs first. The key point is "customer centered". We should consider what customers need us to do, what we have done for them, what else we can do for them.

In this project, an area of tank wall is constructed of ASTM A285, Grade C, steel plate that is 5/8-in. thick and has spot-radiographed, double-welded butt joints. The wall is subject to tension in a meridional direction and to compression in a latitudinal direction. The values of R1 and R2 at the point under consideration are 75 in. and 300 in. respectively. A corrosion allowance of 1/16 in. is required. The computed (meridional) tensile stress, stc, in the net thickness after deduction of the corrosion allowance is 6000 lbf/in.2.
The problem in this example is to find the maximum allowable (latitudinal) compressive stress value for the given conditions, in conformance with the provisions of API 620 tank standard

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