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inner floating roof oil tanks bottom testing

inner floating roof oil tanks bottom testing

inner floating roof oil tanks bottom testing

The process parameters should be strictly controlled in sand blasting of inner floating roof oil tanks. The working pressure of abrasive chamber is between 0.5 and 0.6a, and the outlet pressure of air compressor shall not be lower than 0.6 WPa. According to the test results, the distance between nozzle and workpiece shall be controlled at 80 - 200 mm and spraying angle of 30 ~ 75°is appropriate.

Materials for inner floating roof oil tanks primary components shall comply with the requirements of Tables R-1 and R-2. All primary components shall be impact tested in accordance with R.2.1.2 through R.2.1.4. Impact testing of API 620 welded storage tanks plates, including structural members made of plate, shall comply with Table R-1. Impact test specimens shall be taken transverse to the direction of final plate rolling.

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