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Inspection of api 620 tanks

Inspection of api 620 tanks

Inspection of api 620 tanks

inspection of api 620 tanks Manhole: The manhole is used for the operator to enter and exit the oil tank for inspection, cleaning and repair. For the convenience of personnel access, the installation position of the manhole is generally on the center line of the oil tank bottom, and the vertical oil tank is installed at the lowest layer of the tank wall. inspection of api 620 tanks Light-transmitting hole: Light-transmitting hole is also called day-lighting hole. It is used for lighting and ventilation when inspecting, repairing and scrubbing the oil tank. It is generally installed on the top of the oil tank above the inlet and outlet pipes.

Preheating should be performed by heating and maintaining this heat in appreciable lengths of the joint to be welded, preferably using a strip burner with a mild flame rather than a harsh flame such as that from a cutting torch. Electrical strip heaters are available and have been found to be satisfactory. The preheat of 300°F should be checked with a temperature-sensitive crayon, or similarly accurate means, so that the steel 4 in. (or four times the inspection of api 620 tanks plate thickness, whichever is greater) on each side of the joint will be maintained at the minimum preheat temperature. Ring burners or heaters are recommended for nozzle and manway welds. At no time during the welding should the base metal fall below a temperature of 300°F.

Our company's logistics breaks through the perspective that the center of transportation service is ability, and emphasizes that the purpose of transportation service is customer first. Customer demand determines the content and mode of transportation service, while production is often small batch, diversified and consumer demand tends to be diversified. In the case of personalization, our logistics service also provides personalized service projects.

The 365 day service system is implemented, and the business, loading and delivery are handled as usual in holidays and festivals. Actively help users solve difficulties. When users encounter difficulties in handling business, they should actively coordinate with the external solution; if they need to solve the problems internally, they should solve them in a timely manner without prevarication and wrangling. In line with the inspection of api 620 tanks principle of "fairness, justice and timeliness", coordinate with relevant departments and deal with all kinds of objections in a timely manner.

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