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Raw oil steel storage tanks radius versus nominal plate thickness

Raw oil steel storage tanks radius versus nominal plate thickness

Raw oil steel storage tanks radius versus nominal plate thickness

After the Raw oil steel storage tanks is manufactured, air tightness test and water filling test are carried out according to the design requirements, and the pipeline must be subjected to pressure test to fully meet the acceptance technical specifications. Improve the quality assurance system, adhere to the principle of who constructed is responsible for the quality of the project, conduct regular quality inspections, and immediately rectify any problems. Fill in the Raw oil steel storage tanks installation technical records in time to ensure the synchronization, integrity and reliability of the technical data.

A cylindrical nozzle with a 12-in. inside diameter is located in solid plate in the sidewall of a cylindrical storage tank 60 ft in diameter so that its axis lies in a horizontal plane and forms an angle of 55° with a perpendicular to the sidewall at the point of intersection, as shown in Figure F-7. The thickness of the Raw oil steel storage tanks sidewall plate, tw, in this area is 5/8 in., and no corrosion allowance is required. The total internal pressure, Pl + Pg, at the center of the opening is 26.1 lbf/in.2 gauge.

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